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"Majsecov mlin" is restored, mapped from the yellowed photo, in the original environment of our grandparents and great-grandparents on the north end of Donja Stubica and at the foothill of Medvednica.
Traditional tourism "Majsecov mlin" in Donja Stubica represent ambient value and distinctive beauty of the Zagorje area where is possible to experience spontaneous exuberance of imagination and heritage coexistence of space on the northern slopes of the park Medvednica.

It seems that nature find its existence here. Nature gave to people the grandeur of nature and the people gave it their creativity shot through with love and respectfully.
Traditional Zagorje house and the sound of water from the mill wheel are poetic part of the experience of space at "Majsecov mlin".

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Traditional turism "Majsecov mlin" is open to public near the center of Donja Stubica, in Obrtnička steet 47. In the fild of "Majsecov mlin" there is an old mill in function.
The original natural environment gives the extraordinary value to this traditional area.
The sound of water from the mill wheel, the forgotten scent of wild strawberries, magic colors of thousands of flowers irises, in some strange way revive the people and their senses by giving them a forgotten breath of healthy living and lasting value. Rich and lush plant diversity, water pond with aquatic and wetland plants and frogs, birds singing and the murmur of the stream, "Majsecov mlin" is the area where wild strawberries, elder flower and wild cherries smell with reflection of the rainbow.

Traditional tourism "Majsecov mlin" has about 100 seats located in two Zagorje traditional houses. Also, there is 90 seats on special open space and outside if necessary.

"Majsecov mlin" offers accommodation in 5 rooms with 11 beds.


Marko Živaljić
Marko Živaljić

”Chtef – Zagorje masterchef”

Chef Marko has participated in numerous culinary competitions and events in France, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, Italy. In the last few years he has also participated in the event "Chtef - Zagorje masterchef“ and in 2015 won the second place.


Enjoy superb cuisine and traditional ambience in Majsecov mlin.

Obrtnička ulica 47, 49240 Donja Stubica

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